Tube Strike Causes Havoc In London

UNDERGOUNDI spent the end of last week working at the Zeta London office and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city. But but having just spoken to a client who is working from home today due to the London Tube strike, I am thankful that I don’t have to work every day in the big smoke.  Although I might have accumulated an extra day off from doing so?!

The strike is part of a protest against plans to cut 800 ticket office jobs. The cuts will see jobs axed at over 250 ticket offices all over the network.

The strike is not just inconvenient for workers and commuters who depend on the reliability of London Transport to get to and from work, but is also indicative of a wider problem relating to the government spending cuts. Boris Johnson goes as far as to accuse the unions of, ‘holding London to ransom’. Read more here: Holding London to ransom

It seems like a lose/lose situation to me. The 3,000 or so staff who have walked out under the RMT and TSSA unions are said to be costing the economy thousands of pounds today.

It is far too early in the week to be discussing politics in depth, so instead I will go back and discuss the public response to the Tube strikes.

Surely we are in a position now, fully armed with smart phones, laptops, and wireless broadband, to be able to work from home for a day or two without commuting to the office – I struggle to see how the closure of the main underground lines can be understood as  ‘jeopardising the reform of our economy’. But then again I am guilty of holding a narrow minded view restricted to the industry in which I work – it is quite easy for me to set up shop from home should I be faced with a transport issue.

Let’s hope all is well tomorrow and if you are stuck at home working, why not catch up with the tube strike updates online via twitter by using #tubestrike or #tfl search hash tags?

Sam Allen

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