Who’s winning the Tweet Game?

Over the past few weeks Twitter has been gathering news reports like birds sitting on a wire. Whether it is overpowering super injunctions, launching photo sharing services or gaining around 600,000 new users a day, Twitter has been creating a colossal swell of activity recently.

Twitter has proved to have tailored an unbeatable formula which is original, evolving and, as it has proven recently, above the law. This recent hive of press has seen Twitter gain record numbers of sign-ups, from both individuals and businesses alike. But with new companies and businesses joining Twitter every day, how can you stand out from the crowd? Here is a look at a few brilliant campaigns of late…


When Moonfruit turned 10 years old they gave away 10 MacBook Pros in return for a tweet including the hashtag #moonfruit. The hashtag reached the number one spot and remained there for three days. The campaign resulted in Moonfruit’s website experiencing 12 times its normal amount of traffic; they also claimed 2.5 per cent of all tweets during its peak, for only £9,000. Simple, easy and effective, this is a perfect example of how to use Twitter at its best.

The Feed from Orange

The Feed is not specifically a Twitter campaign, but it does integrate the service perfectly. Tagged as ‘adventures around the internet’, the campaign consists of a mass of games, competitions, quizzes and oddities, most of which have been launched via Twitter, some of which have then gone viral. Orange have committed themselves to launching a new ‘adventure’ every week, a massive undertaking but with anything from 12 to 1000 comments on each post, its definitely worth it.

Ben and Jerry’s Fair Tweets

As a company so focused on fair trade, Ben and Jerry’s had to come up with something original to promote World Fair Trade Day. The result was Ben and Jerry’s Fair Tweets, a platform that allowed users to input their tweet as normal then any unused characters are ‘donated’ to World Fair Trade Day. So far over 480,000 characters have been donated to the cause.

Sam Allen

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