The Curtain Falls on Norman Wisdom

norman wisdonAfter over 50 years in show business Sir Norman Wisdom has died at the grand age of 95 years old. With a career spanning decades and an appeal bridging generations, Wisdom peacefully passed away in an Isle is Man nursing home last night. But forget Madam Tussauds, we believe stars are now immortalised on the web.

The comedian, who also did a good turn as a singer and actor, starred in 32 films with his own brand of child-like slapstick comedy. With Tony Curtis also passing away last week, it seems personalities from the golden age are becoming increasingly rare, and the legacy they leave is becoming ever more important.

Along with information sites like Wikipedia and IMDB, there is also a legion of fan sites out there for each and every notable person, sites that will continue to exist after many of us cease to. Wisdom’s own website was said to have crashed last night after experiencing massive volumes of traffic as his death was announced.

The nature of the web means information is stored and is accessible forever. As media technology moves on, such as from film to digital, past classics may not be shown at the cinema or on the radio, but it will always be able to be found on sites like YouTube.  With an ever present web memory ready to be discovered by fans new and old, we can be sure as stars go they will never be forgotten.

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