Creating a sophisticated online space for the Stronghold brand

Responsive Ecommerce Site & Online Marketing

A little overview

Southern Stronghold are a successful architectural ironmongery and security hardware company based in the UK. Prior to this project, the company already had an existing website, factory, and several physical stores, but had no online platform for ecommerce. They came to Zeta seeking help to build a new brand and online presence to sell door furniture, locks, door closers, hinges, safes and other security/ironmongery products.


Magento eCommerce


Inventory System

Loyalty Points

Trade Accounts

Google Shopping

SEO / Content Marketing

eBay Integration

Logo Design

What we did

As this was going to be a completely new brand, domain, ecommerce website, and inventory system, everything needed to be created from scratch. Therefore, our first task was to carry out industry research and competitor analyses, along with an assessment of the company objectives and target audience. With this evaluation in mind, we then created the logo and website design.

When designing and building the Magento ecommerce website, our focus was on having excellent user experience with clearly set out information, easy navigation, strong filtering options, and large product imagery. It was also important for the site to be fully responsive, offering a smooth experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile users.

On top of all of this, we built a complete inventory system straight into Magento which communicates directly with the suppliers. The system includes features such as inventory management, stock level reporting, purchase order process, and drop shipping. To ensure streamlined business dealings, we also implemented the option for trade accounts, offering customers credit limits, monthly statements, and the ability to pay invoices online through the site. Other features include loyalty points and eBay integration.

The success

We are now working on a 6 month initial marketing campaign. This includes SEO, Google Shopping, Search PPC and retargeting, as well as content marketing through resource pages and guest posting. In the first 4 months we have seen some impressive results; organic traffic increased by 37%, conversion rate rose 42%, resulting in an increase in revenue of 46%.We continue to create new paid and content campaigns each month to further promote the site and gain more new customers.