App prototype with built-in features to thrill all social travellers

Social Game Prototype App

A little overview

Sticka is an innovative new social game which is attractive to people who love travel, especially those who like to share their experiences with friends and followers. At the moment, the app we have developed is only a concept prototype so we are limited with what information we can share regarding the concept and how it works, however, we wanted to showcase as much of the design aspects as we could.




Camera Upload



Logo Design


What we did

The idea was to build two native apps, one for iOS and another for Android, however the social and location features within the app are fairly complex and would require extensive development time in order to build the first version. Instead, we decided that the best way forward would be to build a prototype that would be used for testing the concept as well as showing off the idea to stakeholders and to win funding for further development.

The iOS prototype has limited functionality but gives users the opportunity to click through the app, view the screen designs and functionality, and engage with some of the app’s features. To kick off the design process, we met with the founder of Sticka to discuss his vision and the look and feel he wanted to achieve from the app. The rest of the design process and the building of the prototype went smoothly and we are very pleased with the outcome.

The success

The native iOS prototype has now been completed, and as you can see by the designs it looks great. A lot of key questions and deciding factors came about during the prototype which you just wouldn’t have thought about if you skipped this stage. The full iOS app, Android app, backend and website are now being costed up for future development.

A word from our clients

Thank you and the team for your hard work on this, it has been great to see the idea come to life!

Matt Mackay - Matt Mackay, Founder