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Zeta Agency Year in Review 2017

Ryan Stiggants

January to March

January 2017 marked the beginning of our third year as part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group and we certainly got off to a flying start. During the first quarter we gained an important contract to work with the Winchester Science Centre.

During this time Rich Elliot was newly recruited to join the team. Rich brings a first-class skill set backed by the correct experience to complement the Zeta line up. Then during March, we announced very ambitious plans to expand and take over the top floor office whilst retaining the ground floor and totally redesign the space, creating a superb and stylish area for the team to enjoy working in.


April to June

As we moved through April into June we won a brilliant contract to begin working with Salisbury Cathedral. As a landmark destination, Salisbury Cathedral's website reflects the abundance of information surrounding the historic site. This period also saw Rich tasked with undertaking the new community website for makers, Electromaker. The soft launch is happening just before Christmas to provide a good start for the New Year when the site will gather momentum with the addition of new features being added.

July to September

July saw further expansion as we acquired an additional three floors at number 1 Winchester Place. We now have two buildings at Winchester Place dedicated to Electropages and Zeta.

September saw the launch of a great new iOS App; Astro Alegbra. The inspiration for the algebra app came from a year 6 teacher and mathematics school leader, Mr. Lockett, who could not find a suitable app to support his teaching. The collaboration between Zeta and Mr. Lockett defined essential attributes necessary to make the app a success, such as offering value for money for individuals and schools whose budgets are often under pressure.

To help with our ever increasing workload, we brought in four new team members...

  • Natalie Fox – Full Stack Developer
  • Simon Bugler – Digital designer
  • Paul Barnes – UX & UI Designer
  • Jon Musselwhite – Systems Engineer

The summer months also gave us the opportunity to plan some excursions. The high point was a boat trip around the famous Poole harbour and the Mouser team from Germany joined us for a most enjoyable day.

October to December

The year's final quarter brought Mouser VP, Hayne over from Texas to review the new offices, staff and projects in progress. During 2017 the ground and top floors at number 3 have been refurbished to the highest standards of architectural design. The acquisition of 1 Winchester Place earlier in the year has now been complemented during December by the further acquisition of all three floors at 2 Winchester Place.

And we have recruited four more people to the team…….

  • Tom Rudderham - UX & UI Designer
  • Jon Lewis - .NET Web Developer
  • Natalie Real – Office Administrator
  • Phil Norman - .NET Web Developer

If we started the year with a bang, we certainly closed it with a boom. We held the most stylish office party anyone can remember. Zofia and Natalie organised a truly historic event with a super buffet, glasses of fizz, cocktails and a 1940’s style vocal group and presents for everyone. Check out the Christmas party photos.

Now as we look to 2018 we have three buildings, a new Zeta web site to design, 10 new job roles, the full launch of Electromaker and a great new project to build the Mouser App Cart and Account functionality.