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Zeta Continues to Grow!

Ryan Stiggants

Zeta’s perspectives have widened to new distant horizons since it became part of Berkshire Hathaway. 2017 is a year of dramatic expansion; the team has gained new skills and expertise through the appointment of the very best individuals. In the last two months alone four new permanent positions have been offered.  Truly talented people have been appointed to complement our highly skilled to team which means we can keep up with the work we have in line.

Just at the right moment we have been able to take over the top floor in our building and  have designed and built what people are saying is the most original working environment in the region, and there is more to come. To keep pace with our momentum we have secured the building next door which will provide an additional three floors of office and studio space.

Lets introduce the four new people that have come on board:


Name: Jon Musselwhite

Job Title: Systems Engineer

Jon will make sure Zeta has the most robust and secure systems in place.


Name: Natalie Fox

Job Title: Full Stack Developer

With experience in front and back end web development Natalie will give our clients extended support with web builds.


Name: Paul Barnes

Job Title: UX & UI Designer

Paul has vast experience in the whole UX process making sure every design change is backed up with supporting evidence.


Name: Simon Bugler

Job Title: Digital Designer

A skilled digital designer with experience in both programming and design. Simon is also part of the maker community which is vital in some of our upcoming top secret projects ;)