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Zeta's Ten Best Free Google Analytics Dashboards

Ryan Stiggants

Google Analytics is recognised as the pumping heart  of digital agencies, with its data providing a handy insight for any department; be it content marketing, social media management, SEO or PPC.

If Google Analytics is the engine behind digital consultancy, then what about the add-ons? The plugin superchargers, converters and performance chips that can really launch this Analytics vehicle into turbocharged overdrive?

We at Zeta have taken inspiration from the best dashboards out there and created a list of 10 Google Analytics Dashboards that we believe will help optimise your Analytics activity and help you unlock its full potential!

We have provided the best Analytics dashboards for every section of your business, so have a browse through and download them into your dashboard.  Remember to sign into your Google Analytics account before you hit the download link.

Social Media Dashboard 

For anyone looking for a deeper insight into the performance of their social media, then look no further. It allows you to view on site social actions, the value of your socially engaged visits, social source value, most shared content, who read an article and where, and new visitor acquisition.

Download Here

Site Performance Dashboard

This dashboard brings a ton of useful analytics regarding your sites load speed across platforms, domains and browsers all into one area, allowing you to compare and review areas that really need to be improved.

The added Bounce Rate by Browser widget ability to compare between page loading times and the effect that it may have on conversion and bounce rates depending on the browser your visitor is using.

Download Here

Adwords Performance Dashboard

This analytics dashboard holds ten widgets that allow you to check which of your AdWords campaigns are performing well and which ones are failing.

The dashboard lets you see how much you’re spending with Google, conversion rates, bounce rates, where your AdWords buys are coming from and what your most successful campaigns and Ad Groups are.  All at the single click of a button.

Download Here

Content Marketing Dashboard

The dashboard grants you an insight into what content is really providing benefits for you and your customers.

It shows you the most popular blog posts on the site and provides you with useful data for generating an effective content strategy for the future and guidance for what kind of content you should produce.

Download Here

Audience Dashboard

This dashboard provides you with a handy snapshot of your page viewers location, favorite device, preferred language, screen resolutions and browsers.  The data is presented in an easily digestible manner that allows you to get the gist of your viewers demographic in minutes.

Some of the data's usefulness is a bit subject, but even so it’s fun and can still provide useful information.

Download Here

SEO Dashboard

Hits you with all the SEO basics. Top organic keywords, landing pages, goal completions, non brand visits, pages per visit and more.

The dashboard draws comparisons between Organic and Branded traffic and shows you not only your top performing pages and keywords, but those that are struggling and are in need of urgent attention.

Download Here

PPC Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to take a quick snapshot of the performance of your PPC campaigns as a whole.  It allows you to view which keywords you have targeted and which ones are the top performers.

The dashboard also breaks down visits and goal completions by campaign, giving you the ability to gain both a general overview of your PPC, as well as the performance of individual campaigns.

Download Here.

Real-Time Dashboard

This dashboard provides you with a real time view of your sites metrics as they happen.  You can check visitor spikes as they happen and where real time viewers are arriving from at the click of a button.

Download Here.

Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard

This dashboard is a useful one for tracking the performance of your mobile e commerce, providing you with a wide variety of data on screen.  The dashboard provides you with a direct comparison between desktop and mobile revenue and e commerce performance, as well as offering in depth information on On Site activity and Bounce Rates by Device.

Download Here.

Analytics Overview Dashboard

Really struggling for time to check your Analytics? Our final dashboard is simple but effective, allowing you to grab the most basic of data such as page views, duration of visit, % of new visits and the type of traffic being driven to your site.

Download Here.

Hope you enjoy our selection of the best Google Analytics dashboards and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to get in touch!