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2400 Business Cards, No Glue and a Lunchtime or Two?

Sam Allen

One of the issues we had when re-branding Zeta was what to do with our old business cards. We had hundreds of cards with outdated information styled in the old brand, so instead of just throwing them away I tasked myself to research into different uses for old business cards. I was quite amazed at the number of ideas online. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just strange. Here are a few ideas I came across:

  • Bookmarks
  • Note cards
  • Tooth picks
  • Fingernail cleaners
  • Noisemakers for the wheels of your child's bike
  • Non-sticking post-it size notes
  • Handy cards to clean the spaces between your keyboard keys
  • Shopping lists

The problem is I needed a solution for getting rid of hundreds of business cards and if I used any of the above ideas I wasn’t going to get rid of them any time soon. Another idea which interested me was 'business card cubes'. This is where you create small cubes by folding six business cards together. Then once you have created a few boxes you can start combining them to make different shapes. This seemed like a fun idea, but what could I build which would use hundreds of business cards? Well what about a giant Z for Zeta which could be used in the new office? I discussed the idea with Will (one of our creatives) and he was enthusiastic about the idea. We started creating about 60 cubes every lunch time. After a week we realised how much of a mammoth task this was going to be. Luckily Jessica (our Spanish search expert) wanted to get involved and started creating the cubes at home with her flat mates. This was a big help and in no time at all we had enough boxes to finish the job so we could start combining them into a Z.

After the fifth week we managed to finish the Z which was 18 boxes high by 10 boxes long and four boxes deep. It was a relief to finally finish the task because it started to get quite tedious. The Z looked fantastic and I had managed to get rid of all the business cards, well almost, the rest I can use for tooth picks.


You can find detailed assembly instructions for the business card cubes here: http://nedbatchelder.com/text/cardcube.html. So do you think the Z was a good idea?