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Salisbury Cathedral Ongoing Digital Support

Full Site Audit & Website Support


As a landmark destination, Salisbury Cathedral's website reflects the abundance of information surrounding the historic site. With over 70,000 tons of medieval craftsmanship to admire and nearly 800 years of history to explore there is plenty to see, do and learn at Salisbury Cathedral.

The website has multiple functions as it is used by visitors and for religious worship, historical research, community events and organisations. As with many content heavy websites, it grew organically over time, accidentally deviating from its original purpose, resulting in a cluttered navigation, inconsistent aesthetics and a less effective user experience.


What we did

The valued relationship between the Cathedral and Zeta is in its relative infancy. To create a solid foundation for growth, Zeta has undertaken a site audit which found that site security needed improvement. The Google Analytics needed some corrections to deliver improvements to enable our UX designers to study how users interact with the site. We highlighted new data and site usage that no one had been aware of. 

After analysing the analytical data on the site there was a clear challenge with how users were navigating the site to find the information that was most valuable to them. We decided to implement a new navigation strategy. The old menu was a drop down which isn't great for usability when you have large number of pages. A mega menu was implemented on the site so users could see all information available and navigate to the right area.

what we did
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Heightened website security

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Client training & marketing support

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Ongoing site improvements

The success

After our improvements were made to the websites analytics we could go into depth about what UX & UI could be improved. This gave us the data to make logical choices to to improve and enhance the user experience. Salisbury Cathedral could identify what budget was needed and where to focus their efforts.

The menu has been completely re-designed with using real site behaviour but also without losing sight of all the different groups that come to Salisbury Cathedral. We should start to see the effects in analytics in the next couple of months.