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An enticing game for Electronics Engineers at a Tradeshow

Pick Pack Ship a game for Electronics Trade Shows


Mouser Electronics attend numerous trade events every year, providing an opportunity to interact with their target audience and present their service offering in person.

The challenge for exhibitors is immense. It’s more than attracting visitors to actually look at the stand. It's getting visitors onto the stand and then keeping them sufficiently engaged to stay a while. A busy stand with lots of activity, discussions and engagement will attract even more visitors.  But how to achieve this?

The Zeta plan was for the Mouser booth to have a really engaging fun distraction that would still be technically relevant. It would draw people in so that the Mouser team would have the opportunity to engage with new people in a relaxed informal way.


What we did

As the exhibition environment doesn’t allow for enough time to learn a new game we used the classic and popular Frogger theme in order for visitors to quickly connect with the concept and controls during their short visit to the stand.

We created a fun 2D frogger style Unity game that was connected up to a TV and played using a bluetooth controller. Visitors to the exhibition had a ticket with a scannable barcode that contained their contact details, very useful for capturing details before they joined the game, it also enabled Mouser to keep in touch with the winners in the future.

The setting for the game was Mouser’s impressive 750,000 sq ft warehouse and visitors played a robot that picks up parcels and drops them into delivery trucks at the end of the warehouse. To achieve this the robot has to avoid obstacles such as fork lift trucks that get in the way of the robots progress. The setting of the game provided an excellent platform for marketing and brand awareness with the Mouser logo prominent on the forklifts and sponsors logos could feature on top of the moving boxes. Interesting facts about the warehouse was also shown to players between screens to raise further awareness of the Mouser brand.

what we did

The success

With the game all set and ready to go the Zeta team flew to The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg that attracts over 30,000 designers, developers and decision makers. It was a great learning experience to launch the game and support the Mouser team at the stand.

The event ran over three days and from the word go the game proved to be a great success. It worked exactly as we have envisaged, attracting large crowds around the stand. Over a 1000 people played the game and with the added incentive of Mouser giving away free Dev Kits to the top players the competitive spirit created the buzz with visitors trying to beat the high scores on the day. The game proved itself in every way and Mouser got the interaction with visitors they wanted.

We are pleased to announce that version 2 of the game is ready to meet a new crowd at the Electronica fair in Munich November 2018. This time Mouser is increasing the number of playing pods from two to three, allowing more people to play at the same time.