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Mouser, Marvel and Zeta collaborate to produce a video marketing series

Video SEO generating millions of views


Mouser, the world's leading distributor of electronic components created a series of high-quality YouTube videos covering the topics of space exploration, home automation and driverless cars. Grant Imhara from Mythbusters was a great host for this very popular video series.

For the Project Heroes series Mouser in partnership with Marvel present the making of real life superhero technology in which Grant Imhara and guest engineer Allen Pan prepare to build superhero technology. Zeta had the job to make sure the videos were accessible and were connecting with Mousers target audience.


Zeta's strategy

Zeta used a variety of inbound marketing channels to enhance and boost the exposure of the videos. SEO was a vital part of the strategy to target specific key phrases for each video in the series. The titles and descriptions were optimised to accelerate the videos being found through Google web searches.

Good quality pertinent articles were written and published on related blogs and publications to boost traffic and increase shares and critically to advance the organic rankings in Google.

what we did
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62,000+ likes on the video

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2,900+ total comments since video release

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7.5m views reached during the campaign

Between Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

The success

All fifteen of the targeted key phrases achieved page one rank with Google web search. And the videos also appeared on the first page of Google video search for 40 different key phrases. In total, the videos amassed millions of views on YouTube which brought in a huge wave of new subscribers to the Mouser channel. What is so exciting is that even after the series has ended the videos continue to be viewed and shared in high volume. This is multiplied when a new Marvel film is released and as we all know there will be many more Marvel films to come.