The creation and launch of a new website to serve the Maker Community

Laravel Website and Digital Marketing

Overview is a new brand created by our organisation Electropages Media. The new brand is an online platform that allows people from all over the globe to share their electronic hardware projects with the rapidly expanding maker community. The mission is to unite the global maker community so that makers worldwide can learn, share and collaborate on exciting hardware projects. We have a team of hardware fanatics that are dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews and tutorials on your favourite hardware platforms. 


What we did

 The requirement was to develop a powerful community website and promote it to the worldwide Maker Community. For this new web site to be successful it would need a modern and exciting brand appeal.

The logical first element was creating a brand and strategy for the project. We already have a large amount of experience in this industry but endless hours were used to study the target audience and how the competition represented themselves. From this a logo was created with accompanying stationary and brand guidelines which could be followed by the team as the project progressed.

Next came the digital strategy and website build. A full roll out and marketing plan was created which could easily adapt to changing circumstances. The deadline for the project was tight so we made a feature matrix and implementation plan that would be strictly followed to keep on track. We decided to build the website on Laravel because of the speed and customisation for a project like his.

The website and brand is continuously growing and we have successfully completed the first online competition to increase brand awareness. Marketing strategies include events, social media, video, content marketing and paid advertisment.

what we did

1000+ registered users to the site

60k+ monthly page views

50% month-on-month growth​ in user sessions

The success

On launch of the brand there were more than 16,000 sessions on the new website. A competition was created with $5,000 worth of prizes to give away. 

The marketing strategy looked at a number of different platforms to help launch the website but the most effective was social media channels such as Facebook and Reddit. The Electromaker Facebook page now has more than 32.000 likes but more importantly each update gets regular engagement. 

During the first 6 month period from launch the website has seen over 200,000 sessions and around 270,000 page views. There has also been over 1000 users that have registered for an Electromaker account.