New Year, New Tech

It’s a new year and you might be wondering, what new products can we expect in 2017? This post will help to answer that question and give you the latest knowledge on 2017s upcoming products and innovations. This post includes new products from Snapchat, Google & Sony to name just a few.

Personal Assistant

At the end of 2016 it appeared that personal assistants for your home would make it big.

Amazon are having the most success in the market with the Echo and Echo Dot. Their device has the ability to play your music, tell you the news and check the weather using their Alexa voice system. Echo has also been designed to make purchasing products from the Amazon website easier. This is a very smart idea as it provides extra revenue for Amazon with over 32% of Amazon Echo users purchasing products with Amazon Prime.


This hasn’t come without issues and proves the products may have some work before they are household objects for everyone!


Google Home is the next big AI device offering you a calendar, traffic updates, home appliance controls and even your shopping list! These features will develop alongside homes and smart products. You are currently able to control certain TV’s and smart home products including your lights.

google home app screenshots

Internet of Things

Similar to AI devices, The Internet of Things or IOT for short, is expected to make its breakthrough in 2017. You may be thinking what is IOT? The Internet of things is a term used since 1989 to describe smart products. Smart products allow you to control household items such as lights, TVs, gas & electricity.

Have products finally been invented to kill the question, did I leave the oven on?

These products have been in the development process for the past few years and they are finally looking ready for homes. Insteon have created their own system using a mesh system which connects all of the signals together. This allows the user to control multiple devices using just one remote/wall switch. We can expect to see multiple products from the big brands with Apple & Google both creating their home kits. It is likely to take time for people to transition into products that use homekit components.

Check out their video:

Hover Camera Passport

The selfie, one of the biggest words of the past few years! There is one annoying downside to selfies, trying to hold your camera at the right angle to get your best side.

This year the solution may be on its way. The Hover Camera Passport is designed to fly around its user, similarly to a drone and takes selfies. This product uses body and facial tracking software to get the best pictures of you. The Hover Camera Passport can take slight knocks and still holds its position and is controlled with ease by a mobile phone.

The product allows users to take 13mp photos and 4k videos, this is better than most mobile devices on the market.

The Passports, “enclosed carbon fiber form enables you to grab it mid-air to retrieve it.”This saves you having to worry about it dropping to the ground and breaking after a few uses.

The price tag for the product? $599 but is that too much to get the perfect selfie? It wouldn’t surprise me to see this product make a breakthrough with lots of high profile users.

Playstation VR

The latest company to join the virtual reality hype is the Sony PlayStation. Sony has released PlayStation VR to compete with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. PlayStation VR is out now and brings along popular titles including Driveclub, Battlezone & Rise Of The Tomb Raider. This is likely to be a big VR development but not the biggest of 2017.

Microsoft VR

Microsoft is also hoping to bring computer gamers into the VR world with the announcement of their VR headset at October’s Microsoft event.

First seen at CES 2017 the Microsoft VR headset will have a starting price of £299. In the words of Alex Kipman who heads up the Microsoft product “Just like gaming and gaming on a PC, there is a difference if you want to play Halo or you want to play solitaire,”. This is likely to mean hardcore gamers will have to pay more than the £299 price for the best Microsoft VR performance.

There are frequent game releases and new companies creating VR technology to get excited about. I think these products will be the future for games consoles and computer gaming.


Snapchat is one of the companies that had the best 2016 possible. With over 150 million daily users across the globe, they now have an exciting new product to go along with their app.

The creators of Snapchat bring you Spectacles. Spectacles are sunglasses fitted with cameras that allow you to document your life without having to get your phone out and post to your followers more frequently.

Spectacles have only been available in America in a small number of locations currently. The product is expected to become available in the UK and Europe at some point in 2017! The rumoured price tag for the UK is £100 but this is yet to be confirmed. Spectacles allow you to record without taking your phone out of your pocket and your recordings are saved on your Snapchat.

After Google Glass being as effective as a raindrop in the ocean and being trashed by critics for its ridiculous price tag and poor features we hope that Snapchat, using their target audience of 18-24 will make the Spectacles one of 2017s must have accessories.



Chatbots will be appearing everywhere in 2017. Chatbots are currently available in a lot of places including Facebook Messenger, Slack & Kik with Chatbots to tell you the weather in your area, latest news, games and much more.

Chatbots could be a big part of the future with their intelligence helping people to shop using product names and descriptions, check stock availability and make purchases.

Hotels are also expected to take up chatbots with the ability for customers to check room availability, dates and book hotel packages.

Future Products

Razer Project Valerie

The exciting CES 2017 event has just happened and one company stole the show with its innovative products.

Razer have created ‘Razer Project Valerie’ a laptop with three 17 inch screens. This looks brilliant and would stop users needing multiple screen connections in offices. The product is also being touted as perfect for gaming. Currently, only in the prototype and design phase, Project Valerie looks like a great prospect.


Razer Project Ariana

Razer also revealed another exciting product of theirs that will leave gamers mouths watering.

This is currently a concept that could well find its way to market. Using two depth-sensing cameras to scan the display and play area. The projector also blocks out excess light. Ariana provides a “fully detailed and immersive experience”.



Artificial intelligence will face strong competition in 2017 we can expect a large growth in this market predicted to be 300%. Apple looks likely to be releasing an AI device expected to use Siri. We are likely to find out about the product features and release date at one of Apple’s upcoming Events.

This is what it might look like:


We think it will be a very exciting year for new technology which will bring a number of surprises and big developments. There are already rumours swirling about the latest iPhone and I am sure Samsung will try to recover from the Galaxy Note 7 and its explosive problem last year.


Microsoft VR:

Microsoft VR:


PlayStation VR:

Home Automation & IOT:


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