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A little overview

Mysteria is a new "Murder Mystery" dinner party game for iOS and Android. There hadn’t previously been an easy solution for transferring murder mystery games to mobile apps. Zeta set out to create one that contained all the fun and excitement of a traditional murder mystery game but took the hassle out of organising it. This project was going to require close teamwork and a bundle of skills; latest iOS and Android app development, intuitive design and (very) creative copy-writing. Luckily we had all those skills in-house…





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What we did

The game is designed to play at a dinner party, with each guest following the game via their own phone, tablet or Apple Watch. We created both native iOS and Android apps that integrate with each other so that players using different operating systems are able to play in the same game.

Through the app, the host creates the game prior to the event and invites friends through email or text to accept and choose their character. The app then gives suggestions for the chosen theme including what to wear, how to decorate and appropriate food and drinks to serve. Players are guided through the rounds via audio clips, written script and visual clues to help them speculate as to who committed the crime.

The success

In order to promote Mysteria we have used a combination of marketing tactics. Firstly we developed a promotional website which includes a murder mystery blog containing everything from tips on how to host to costume guides to infographics of our favourite fictional murderers. As well as content marketing, we continue to optimise for both Google search and the app stores, with Mysteria now ranking 1st in Google for "Murder Mystery App", 3rd in iOS App Store and 6th in Google Play Store for "Murder Mystery".

Combined iOS and Android have reached over 9000 downloads and we have had some brilliant feedback through in-store and from emails from our customers who are enjoying new themes we continually add with many saying they can’t wait for more themes... watch this space!