2016 was a year for expansion at Zeta in taking on many new innovative clients and some additional team members. As the agency grows we are inevitably finding ourselves limited by space. Well, here we have an exciting announcement to make, so drum roll please….. We have acquired another floor in our building which has more than doubled the office space. This is an significant new milestone for our ever growing digital agency.

We are currently working with an architectural designer, Christine Johnson. Christine is based in Bournemouth and has worked on many commercial office designs across the world. We are confident that Christine will deliver a professional state of the art finish to our new top floor office.

Staff Involvement

It is important that Staff are proud of their working environment and enjoy the office surroundings. The Zeta management team consider it essential that the team have their say on how the new office develops. Obviously, not all ideas can be taken on board and believe me there have been some “out there” suggestions including a slide between the top and bottom floors and a large fish tank wall. You never know, these ideas might be taken on in the future :) It is interesting to hear the Team viewpoints and taking into account what will work for them. We believe that all the Zeta staff should feel included in the project.

Management Committee

We created a small committee to make decisions and collect all the necessary information. This is headed up by Zofia Grabowska who not only has a flair for interior design but also has excellent skills in dealing with the team on a day to day basis and successfully communicating their many ideas. Sam Allen and Anna Lundström are also involved in supporting Zofia in decision making.

Design Brief

Once all the ideas have been collated we able to create a strong brief for the architectural designer which we were all very excited about. One challenge that arose was possible noise in the office when different groups collaborated whilst others were trying to focus on a specific task. To overcome this we have decided to have a hot desking approach with additional chill out areas. This means that staff can move to a quiet area or collaborate with a group in other designated areas. The new office will be designed to achieve a totally flexible approach to the way we work.

Another key issue to consider was ergonomics, it has to be a priority to achieve both efficiency and comfort in the working environment. We do actively encourage staff to take regular breaks and move around but often they get focused on a task and time slips by. To overcome this, we will make a big investment when purchasing the chairs and will also include sit /stand desks so anyone can stand and work at their station as and when they prefer. This has proved a very popular idea with the staff. We are also planning to have a “standing noise cancelling station” for people to move to when they wish to make a private phone call.

This is only a taster of our plans for the new office so stay tuned to see the finished result which should take shape over the next couple of months.

Below you will find photos of the excellent new space we are working with:


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