Award winning campaign for industry-leading mindmapping software

Display Advertising

A little overview

Mindjet is a globally renowned collaboration software company with products used by names such as NASA, HSBC and Nokia. Over the years we have created a number of display advertising campaigns for their company which have been very successful. They approached us for online marketing to bring in more new customers with the main objective to increase free trial sign-ups for the software.

What we did

The existing strategy targeted IT managers, however, we concluded from our research that directors and sales managers would be more productive targets for the campaign. They would be the ones who would be up for trialling the product and would then ask the company to buy it. The selling point of the software is that it saves time and increases productivity. The directors and sales managers are the ones always working late, so the strap-line "Mindjet Gets You Home On Time" was created. We also developed a responsive landing page for the campaign. From 5.30pm until 10pm we showed ads asking "why are you still at work? Each ad had a comical element and in a light-hearted way showed what they could be missing out on at home.

The success

We were able to capture significant customer data, gather email addresses and drive the cost per signup down to 26%, lower than Mindjet's cost per sale objective. Our display advertising campaign won the 'Online Advertising & Marketing' Summit award. It was also awarded the 'Best of Category' award, which was a great achievement. The campaign was also a B2B Marketing award runner up. We still continue to create advertising campaigns for Mindjet.

A word from our clients

The ‘Mindjet Gets you Home on Time’ campaign has exceeded Mindjet’s expectations in terms of the cost per lead and volume of leads delivered. The campaign concept and creative delivered by Zeta was unique and quirky and really encapsulated Mindjet’s fun brand and ethos.

Nicola Frazer-Reid - Senior Marketing Manager EMEA & APAC at Mindjet