Marketing with YouTube

Online videos have seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few years and utilising sites like YouTube for their marketing potential is becoming an essential method of getting your brand message out there.

Anyone can upload a video onto YouTube and thousands of people do this every day making it increasingly harder to get noticed. Uploading a clip while thinking it will automatically reach a wide audience just isn’t the reality and unless you do it with SEO in mind you may find that it just slips into the YouTube sea of useless information.
Appearing on page one for any chosen key phrase is essential to achieve maximum results. Applying SEO can get your video on the first page of YouTube and if you get that right you could also see yourself appearing on the first page of Google for the same key phrase. This will all depend on how competitive the key phrase you are targeting is and how well your video is produced, because at the end of the day you will need to create something that is visibly pleasing to the eye with relevant and useful information.

A good example of this is the video for the Magicard HoloKote Tool that I recently uploaded onto YouTube. After applying traditional SEO techniques I have got the video to appear number one on YouTube for its chosen key phrase “ID Card Security” and just recently it has started to jump between page one and two on

Below is a screenshot I took today which displays the video at position one on

Alternatively search for [ID Card Security] on

Magicard ID card security

Using traditional techniques like optimising the title, description and tags, have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon. Our next step is to create a newsletter that we can send out to all of the Magicard dealers. This will detail how they can embed the Holokote video into their site. Doing this will bring further exposure to the YouTube channel and move us up the SERPs. If we can get 30% of Magicard dealers to embed the video on their site then that’s a job well done and we should see the video move into the top five positions on regularly.

So in conclusion, using video as a marketing tool can bring a great return if you can achieve a first page ranking in any top search engine. And with more people turning towards the internet for video/media whether it is on a mobile device or through traditional means you may want to decide if this is something that you need to get involved in.

YouTube if you want to.

Matt Walker

Switched on with SEO, Matt’s research skills are second to none. He knows the ins and outs of the web and how to make it work for our clients