Campaign Fail – I [don’t] Like It on … Facebook Status Updates

facebook-old-newsThe latest ‘I like it’ status innuendo, which is supposedly an unofficial marketing tactic to increase Breast Cancer Awareness during its October campaign month, is really starting to irritate me. The status tactic is old news and disappointingly uncreative. Come on people, we can do better!

I logged onto my Facebook page today only to find half a dozen or so of my girlfriends detailing a little too much personal information!

My best friend, Lauren, likes it on her kitchen counter; my school friend, Lisa, likes it on floor; and my Auntie Jane likes it on the coffee table!!

What about me? Well, I like it on the back seat of my car while I’m driving! Calm down everyone – we are only talking about our handbags!

I must say I won’t be telling people where I like mine this week. This Facebook status stunt is a little outdated – by about 5 months actually. So I wonder why on earth it has resurfaced? Well simply put, it is another unofficial campaign aimed at raising breast cancer awareness. It was used a few months ago but did not get quite as large a response or coverage it expected. Being the up to the minute social media guru I am, this is when I actually participated in changing my status accordingly. This second tier Facebook social viral was a clever follow-on from the Facebook bra updates back in 2009 – read my post here: colourful-facebook-statuses

Well October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so that is why we are seeing the viral re-appear this week. It is really that great? I don’t think so.

A spokesman for Breast Cancer Care, which is not affiliated by the campaign, commented that, “While viral campaigns have great potential for increasing consciousness around many issues, we’d like to see this go further. We would encourage people to direct their Facebook friends towards helpful support and information to create better breast awareness … or reminding their friends to check their breasts regularly when they explain what the campaign is about.”

The issue here, and with many viral campaigns, is that whilst they may spread messages and increase awareness they often do not lead to any measurable action. Have any of my friends who have updated their statuses donated any money to a cancer research charity, or have they booked in for a free breast cancer scan? Chances are the answer is NO!

Why doesn’t some clever organisation out there try and capitalise on this? Thousands of women are updating their statuses in the name of breast cancer, why not invite them to a charity landing page or website? Here it could ask them to share their status in return for a chance to win a prize, whilst cleverly designing that page to entice donations using clever calls-to-actions?

What about a celebrity campaign to start the flow? Where does Katie Price, Kylie Minogue or Charlotte Church like it? These women have been touched by cancer and could help explode such a viral campaign.

We could inject more creativity, but my point here is that there are so many great viral campaigns happening online every day, yet organisations and brands are failing to grasp the opportunities they present quickly enough.

I am lucky enough to work with a great team here, we encourage each other to stay abreast of digital and social media developments and buzz, and where appropriate we try and maximise these for our clients and campaigns.

Come on people … think outside the bra!

Sam Allen

A strategic thinker who ensures that Zeta and all of our clients keep striving forward. A marketing expert addicted to all things digital.