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A little overview

Electropages is one of the leading resources for electronics news with a global readership. To help Electropages deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple devices, Zeta developed a complete range of mobile apps including iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Electropages had excellent up to date information on the latest products in the electronics engineering industry but they could only deliver this through the desktop and mobile website. They wanted to improve the user experience and create a bigger, long term user base.








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App Store Optimisation


What we did

Electropages had daily product news updates and once an engineer used Electropages they often revisited time and time again. Zeta created an iPhone, Android and iPad app to make it easier, more engaging and convenient for their global following of engineers and designers to get the latest industry and product news and keep using Electropages.

We also used app marketing, including App Store optimisation in order to get the apps appearing higher in the app stores and Google search for particular keywords and phrases.

The success

Electropages is one of the only electronics news publishers to invest in mobile apps and now have over 123,000 individuals actively using Electropages via Android, iPhone and iPad.

Electropages is growing rapidly and over 35,000 registered users have individually requested the weekly “product update” newsletter which is regularly distributed to them by e-mail as well as a Push Notification to the electropages IOS Apps.

The app now ranks in Google for ‘Electronics news’. The app shown in Google search corresponds to the device that the user is searching from, for example, if you were to search Google on an iPhone you will see the app for iOS.