An automated email campaign regularly reaching over 150K engineers

Email Marketing Strategy & Content

A little overview

Electropages’ website delivers real time new product news to the global electronics industry. Established in 1999, Electropages distributes new product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. Electropages had excellent up to date information on the latest products in the electronics engineering industry, but they wanted to expand the reach of their content and the visibility of their brand.


Content Strategy

Email Marketing

Email List Cleaning

Analytics Reporting

Spam Testing

Litmus Testing

What we did

Zeta created an email marketing campaign that would help Electropages to expand their brand visibility and promote their newsletters and content and ensures that their readers receive consistent, personalised and engaging content. We also helped to set up and manage a strong and robust system for their email marketing.

The success

Since the campaign was launched, Electropages has gathered over 150,000 email contacts, with a system that sends out between two and four newsletters a week. This has proved to be a huge source of traffic to the website, bringing in an average of 50,000 sessions a month and provides a substantial source of income through advertising.