Display Advertising

Display advertising can sometimes be labelled as the bad guy of advertising, but if it is done well, display advertising can be very beneficial and profitable to your business. It is all about targeting your adverts to the right people at the right time in the right places.  Zeta has a track record of developing incredibly successful display ad campaigns for a number of, now very happy, businesses.

Establish Aims

Establish Aims

The aims usually are to increase enquiries and reduce the cost per sale, that will work.

Target Audience

Target Audience

The target audience might not always be exactly as you envisage, and where are they?

Tailor Made

Tailor Made

Work on the message, create an ad that will attract, place it where it will be seen.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

QA is vital, the copy, the design and the simple Call To Action, test and test again.

Careful Management

Careful Management

We continue to care for your ads and make the necessary changes to keep things fresh.

One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead

We are constantly looking forward to see how your campaign can progress further.

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Mindjet Display Advertising

Take a look at our Display Advertising Success Story

Mindjet is a globally renowned collaboration software company with products used by names such as NASA, HSBC and Nokia. Over the years we have created a number of display advertising campaigns for their company which have been very successful.

Mindjet came to us with the objective to get free trial sign-ups for the software. The strategy was to target directors and sales managers as they would be the ones who would be up for trialling the product and would then ask the company to buy it.

Our Display Advertising Approach

Creative Juice

We don’t think outside the box, we tear it to pieces. We promote colourful thinking, but always keep your business goals in mind.

Commercial Thinkers

Your commercial objectives always come first. We know what matters and will develop a tailored strategy to meet your goals.


We provide everything you need in-house, to guarantee a cohesive and coordinated approach to your project.

Identity Developers

We will help give your company a voice and a digital identity, which is tied in across all of our services.

Always On Time

Our years of experience enable us to accurately plan out your project to a sensible yet swift time-frame.

Award Winning

We’re proud to have been recognised by awarding bodies such as B2B and Summit International, alongside Microsoft and IBM.

In our clients' words

The ‘Mindjet Gets you Home on Time’ campaign has exceeded Mindjet’s expectations in terms of the cost per lead and volume of leads delivered. The campaign concept and creative delivered by Zeta was unique and quirky and really encapsulated Mindjet’s fun brand and ethos.

Nicola Frazer-Reid, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA & APAC at Mindjet