Social App connecting users who met or could have met last night

iOS & Android Location Based Social App Prototype

A little overview

Checkr was a start-up company with a new unique mobile app idea. They had already acquired funding and had experience with launching new products. They came to Zeta with the brief to develop their app idea — a geo-location social dating app that helps you meet h new people after a night out — into a fully functioning app prototype.






Location Services

Camera Upload

Backend Creation

What we did

The project was kicked off by creating the branding and logo. A number of different avenues were explored for how the app should be represented, and in the end we decided a very clean and sophisticated look was best suited for its market. The original ideas for the app functionality were fairly complicated so needed to be refined as much as possible to ensure a smooth and easy user experience.​ App prototypes with full functionality were then created for both iOS and Android and both kept to this clean image.

The success

As a location based app the Zeta development team had to overcome numerous issues and limitations that GPS functions were causing in order to produce a smooth and professional prototype. Since the prototype was built, Checkr underwent a small scale test launch which secured a substantial investment.

A word from our clients

Zeta have been insightful, professional and highly skilled from the beginning of our relationship. They have delivered a stylish and effective website and app which we are delighted with. Excellent customer service and excellent results.

Stuart Taylor - Founder and Owner at Checkr