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13 September 2017
Here is our roundup of Apple's new announcements from last night's Apple event held at the new Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park. The big headliner this year is the tenth anniversary for the iPhone, ... See More
07 September 2017
Zeta’s perspectives have widened to new distant horizons since it became part of Berkshire Hathaway. 2017 is a year of dramatic expansion; the team has gained new skills and expertise through th... See More
24 August 2017
There has been big news in the Android world as Google has finally announced a new update. The Android Oreo, named after what is arguably one of the best known biscuits on the face of the planet. Th... See More
10 August 2017
Google's AdWords network pioneered and dominated native advertising for over a decade, but there is finally some real competition that can be worth the attention of your business. While Google may sti... See More
20 July 2017
For some, Snapchat looks and feels very different compared to other social networks, but underestimating its usefulness for business is a costly mistake. Snapchat is a valuable marketing channel that ... See More
29 June 2017
Everyone wants to deploy bug-free code, but creating software with no issues or bugs is the unicorn of the development world. It doesn't exist, but developers can take steps to ensure that their code ... See More
23 June 2017
What attracted you to working at Zeta? I wanted to explore and know the rapidly changing digital environment as I am very aware how critical it is in today's business world. It made sense to d... See More
08 June 2017
Earlier this week Apple kicked off its week-long annual developer conference with a keynote where they announced the next major updates for iOS and macOS. The company also launched plenty of new h... See More
18 May 2017
A decade ago, using unencrypted HTTP was sufficient for blogs and sites that didn't ask for any personal information. If you needed to work with financial transactions, using encrypted HTTPS on pages ... See More
27 April 2017
Welcome to our latest 5 minutes with post. We have been talking to our Marketing Magician, Ryan! Find out about his role and how the magic happens. Can you tell us a bit about your role at Zeta? ... See More
11 April 2017
We're looking for two digital designers to deliver fantastic designs both proactively and in response to briefs. Zeta is integrating some service offerings with the parent company Mouser Electronics ... See More
06 April 2017
Did you know that 46 percent of all Google searches are local? What's more, 89 percent of users search for local businesses on their smartphone once a week or more, and 58 percent search daily - at ... See More