5 Minutes with Ryan – Marketing Magician


Welcome to our latest 5 minutes with post. We have been talking to our Marketing Magician, Ryan! Find out about his role and how the magic happens.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Zeta?

I am a marketing magician ;) here at Zeta working alongside Matt and Tugcem in the marketing department. I work on front and back-end Magento site management, Zeta blog posts and social media management.

What made you interested in working in digital marketing?

After studying on the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, I realised that marketing is an enjoyable and interesting sector and I wanted to get some first hand experience. As an avid social media user with a high mobile internet usage, working in this sector has allowed me to further my knowledge of SEO, social and content marketing.

What attracted you to working at Zeta?

After speaking to the Westminster Kingsway College I decided that a digital agency would be the best fit for me. I met with Roger Allen and the team at Zeta to discuss current projects and ones they thought I would suit. After the meeting, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge, learn from an experienced team and work in a vibrant and enjoyable workplace.

What aspects of your job role do you enjoy most?

I love the work I do and have learnt so much. If I had to select one area, Magento management is a great skill and something that I can continue to expand on. I am now able to manage sales enquiries, uploads and bug-fixing for our clients.

Which qualities do you think are important for someone working in digital marketing?

I think two important qualities to have are:

  • Self-teaching is vital; the more time you can invest in learning and teaching yourself from external resources the more skills you can offer.
  • The ability to adapt as the industry constantly changes. Listen to the advice given to you and keep your technique varied.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone looking to get into digital marketing, what would it be?

To get into digital marketing, the best thing to do is start learning. Whether it’s managing family websites, social media accounts or taking a Udemy course to help expand your knowledge, be proactive, don’t wait for someone to tell you what you need to learn JUST DO IT!

Digital marketing is always changing, how do you stay ahead in the industry?

It’s important to keep your eye on digital blogs and advice sites; there is always a shiny and new development in the pipeline.

What is your dream project to work on?

I am a big fan of music so working on a project with Radio 1 or even a marketing campaign for a musician would be amazing.

What is your favourite app of all time?

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, I would say that the Nike+ Run Club app has brilliant features for tracking runs, motivating you and playing music directly from Spotify. It also helps me keep a track of my time and helped me keep sane when I completed a marathon last year!

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