5 Minutes with… Craig, Managing Director


Welcome to the first 5 Minutes With post of 2017! We like to give you an insight into life at Zeta and our team. This week we have been speaking with our Managing Director, Craig Dyball about his role at Zeta.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Zeta?

My role at Zeta is Managing Direction. As the Managing Director of Zeta my position includes regular meeting with my immediate management team. This primarily includes Operations Director, Sam Allen, to discuss ongoing projects and to listen to what’s happening with the team at large and encourage their ideas that will go on to help Zeta win business and support existing customers.

What attracted you to working with Zeta?

A unique talented team is a rare thing and it provides an exciting opportunity for everyone to learn and develop. I recognised the talent and potential of the team from website design to mobile development.

What aspects of your job role do you enjoy most?

Meeting with the team and listening to ideas and ways we can improve the way Zeta works and the process of projects.

How do you find it managing such an unruly group of creative people?

Challenging, but everything worthwhile is a challenge.

What qualities do you think are important in the digital industry?

To recognise that you need to move swiftly when new products and platforms come along, after all we are dealing with shifting sand. Things will always change and evolve in this industry.

What qualities do you think are important to have as a Managing Director?

To make the team feel comfortable enough to come to me about anything. It’s not always about directing, sometimes the best thing to do is listen.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone looking to work for Zeta, what would it be?

Come and hang out with us for the day. Meet us – leave the website and meet the people. You never get a full idea of who you would be working with from a team page.

What is your dream project to work on?

A killer wearable app that changes everything! Wearable apps are tethered, something that will change the standalone wearable market.

What do you think was the biggest technological improvement for the last 5 years and in which way do you think it (did) or can affect our industry?

Mobile apps. They have encouraging more consumers to engage whilst they are on the go.

Where do you see Zeta being in 5 years time?

Still in Poole with a bigger team and lots of exciting projects.


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