The Zeta Business Arrives in Shanghai, China

Thursday, 02 April 2009

Since its foundation in the UK in January 2000, Zeta has progressed and expanded at an enviable rate. Team spirit, hard work, the ability to learn new things and strong financial management have created a very solid business.

2008 has been dramatic, if not frightening, and 2009 is set to be the same or more so. Banks are going bust, businesses are ceasing to trade and people are being thrown out of work. Despite the appalling news trumpeted and amplified every hour some businesses are still thriving and expanding.

The businesses that are moving with the times are not just surviving they are advancing. And when I say “moving with the times” I don’t just mean making best use of the internet and up-to-the-minute web strategies; I mean working that bit extra for clients, analysing market trends, re-visiting product design and measuring the quality of post-sales service. In other words: making sure that everyone, particularly senior management, is on top of their game.

Staff need more than a boot up their backside. They need to be reassured. They need to know they have a future and that the company wants to succeed. Company success can’t happen if the staff can’t make it happen. Sir Alan Sugar’s ad on UK television for apprentice schemes is very succinct.

UK political leaders wring their hands in despair and then put ill-conceived strategies into place, and despite all this business will still go on. As I’ve said before, the economy is changing, please refer to our post on the ‘world is changing’. Many British businesses are doing very well indeed.

Whilst UK leaders say everyone is in the same mess I say what about China? Yes exports have dropped but China has considerable dollar surpluses. China is developing its internal economy and consequently making huge investments in their infrastructure. China is also investing overseas with many projects throughout South & Central America, The Caribbean and Africa.

With this in mind Zeta has opened an office in Shanghai. Not a hot-desk scenario, but a proper office with staff, phones and a local manager. The office will be run by Jennifer Yang. Jennifer has a wealth of business experience and will deal with enquiries in Shanghai.

Zeta Shanghai will create online strategies for businesses to penetrate the Chinese, Asian, Pacific Rim, US and European markets.