Zeta Launch Isomer Analytics – A Free Tool for Ecommerce Website Owners

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

We’ve created a free and simple tool to help you discover if you’re losing ecommerce sales from mobile and tablet users.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, it is now common knowledge that mobile ecommerce is directly competing with and sometimes outperforming traditional desktop sales.

Smartphone and tablet penetration is on the rise, with over 72% of the UK’s population owning one (or more!) mobile devices.  With this gigantic increase in mobile device usage across the UK and the rest of the world, we have seen a rise in consumers’ willingness to purchase goods and services over these popular devices.

Now, more than ever before, it is imperative for ecommerce website owners to be able to track and monitor their websites performance when dealing with mobile device sales.

Isomer Analytics offers you a quick an easy method to view your ecommerce sales rates and conversion figures for  mobile and tablet devices.

So how does the average business owner find out how their ecommerce site performs for mobile sales and orders?  How can you track your mobile sales to make sure that your website is providing the best user experience for mobile and tablet visitors?

Usually, through a brain battering period of self taught Google Analytics use.  At Zeta, we understand that this is a drain on your time and your brain power.  That in part is why we have put a ton of thought and care into developing and creating Isomer Analytics.

Ahh noo more Analytics!?! Don’t panic folks, we’ve deliberately steered well clear of creating an overly complicated tool that would confuse even the most analytically minded.

Sam Allen, Marketing Director for Zeta, said: “We wanted to give business owners an incredibly easy way of finding out if they were losing mobile transactions on their ecommerce website. With Isomer Analytics a business owner with no understanding of Google Analytics can find out if their site is losing orders from mobile & tablet devices”

Isomer Analytics is as simple and easy to use as they come.  Our free (generous bunch we are) tool will provide ecommerce website owners with a fast, straightforward way to check if their mobile and tablet sales are performing to their maximum potential.

When we said it was simple to use, we really meant it.  Three steps is all it takes to set up Isomer Analytics:

  1. Log in and enter your Google Analytics details.

  1. Submit your site and click on your ecommerce website URL

  1. Once you have clicked on your website your results will be available to view, allowing you to view your conversion rates instantly.

To begin the signup process, hit this link to visit the Isomer Analytics page.

Analysis your ecommerce websites performance for mobile and tablet sales is crucial for not only improving your ecommerce sales as a whole, but for guaranteeing that your customers have the best experience possible when they visit your site.  We hope you enjoy Isomer Analytics and look forward to your comments.

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Marketing Executive


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