Zeta Gets a Last Minute Chance at the World Cup

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

world cup video playerI know what you’re thinking… Rio breaks his leg in a horrific training ground accident and Cappello’s obvious replacement is central defensive work horse Henry Waterfall-Allen.

Of course we took Fabio’s call seriously, but due to a last minute project involving Unicorn Media and global media giant IMG world to produce a video skin for a world cup news player, Henry had to tell him to take Michael Dawson.

The project Unicorn approached us with sounded really interesting, an opportunity too good to pass up. They had developed a player which would carry video advertising before and after world cup news reports produced by IMGs network of sports journalists. It worked perfectly but needed some creative input to make the interface seem as polished as the reports being beamed from South Africa.

This is where Zeta got involved. Unicorn had seen the quality of work we are capable of since they host the main video on www.ecoffee.co.uk and we were more than happy to be involved in the biggest show on earth, so we set to work.

With sites like www.independent.co.uk ready to offer space to the 2010 world cup news player we set about turning the project around on schedule. Working with Unicorn’s developers couldn’t have gone better and a solution was in place a mere 48 hours after the project had begun.

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest football news from around the rainbow nation here’s some sites where you can find the world cup news player: