Zeta Exorcises Google Demons on International News

Monday, 27 February 2012

ABC News LogoHave you ever started to type something into Google, and spookily had the search engine’s autocomplete function finish the sentence for you?

It happened to me the other day – I wanted to find out why the moon is more visible at daytime in winter. I began to type ‘why is the moon…’ and was surprised to see that, as if by magic, Google seemed to have guessed what I was thinking – the rest of the sentence appeared in the search field before I had typed it.

I knew this must be something to do with Google’s algorithms and not an act of witchcraft – but then again, it was a dark and spooky night on a full moon – could it be that my browser was haunted?

Is Google Haunted?

Last week, Zeta debunked the myth when we were approached by ABC News to comment on the search engine’s ‘psychic’ powers. The article gives focus to the amusing / insulting phrases that are generated when one types ‘Barack Obama is..’ into Google.

Speaking to the US news channel, Zeta explained that Google’s search suggestions are not a result of mind reading powers, but in fact are generated by the things that other users around the world have been searching for: “The Autocomplete suggestions are not manually influenced by Google except in extremely rare cases”, Zeta told them. “Google is a machine that reflects the activity of its users.”

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