Wise Words from David Cameron at the CBI conference

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

“British businesses should have no more vocal champion than that of the British government itself and that is why I have put the promotion of British Commerce and International Trade at the heart of our foreign and economic policy”

These were the words of David Cameron speaking at the CBI conference yesterday. The spending cuts last week and the drive for growth through business, technology and innovation is music to both my ears and many other businesses in the UK I would imagine. When the Coalition came to power early this year, there was speculation as to what the Government would mean for British businesses. I am filled with confidence after the recent announcements from the Coalition, finally the government is thinking like a business, understanding that every penny both counts and should be accounted for.

Placing British business at the heart of our foreign and economic policy is a bold and necessary action needed for our economy to prosper. Private business is the most logical way of driving the economy forward, any business would understand this. To me, this government seem like they will give businesses the backing they deserve.

Britain has so many exciting and leading businesses, not to mention a creative industry that is one of the best in the world. With the backing of the government the next Google, Apple, Twitter or Facebook could come from the UK.