Project Launch: Responsive website for cosmeceutical Ceri Silk

Tuesday, 08 October 2013

Project Scope:
Responsive Website for international cosmeceutical Ceri Silk

Project members
Design: Raquel Saude
Frontend development: Aidan Thomson
Backend development: Sarah Pantry
Copy: Joe Boon
Project Management & QA: Anna Silsbury & Zofia Grabowska


At Zeta we are used to working with clients based in various parts of the world so when Hong Kong based Ceri Silk approached us with her brief for a new website, her location was never seen as a concern. During the months we have kept up successful and effective communication through emails and skype. Zeta’s suite of online project tools allowed us to share wireframes, designs and content with Ceri, giving her full insight into the progress of the project whenever and from wherever…

Who is the client, Ceri Silk?

Ceri Silk is one of Asia’s most innovative therapists and consultants in skin care and cosmeceuticals. Trained in Europe in the latest technologies, with 28 years experience, she provides training and consulting services to spas and academies around the world. Her successful business in Hong Kong, the Glow Spa, has established itself as a leader in innovative beauty practices.

What was the project brief and requirements?

With a new website Ceri wanted to share her acclaimed holistic approach to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle with the rest of the world. By sharing educational information to customers and fellow professionals Ceri wished to further establish and promote her own brand, Ceri Silk.

To use Ceri’s own words the new site should have a minimalist and clean feel and be eye-catching. It had to be easily accessible from mobile devices for visitors on the go. It was also important that the new site would be engaging and help her build up social media and newsletter base.

The website also had to be compatible with a future ecommerce functionality and multi language options as she is planning to add a Chinese version too.

What planning and research was involved at the early stage of the project?

Filling out a Website Needs Analysis form helped Ceri to focus on what she wanted to achieve with the new website. We looked at websites that Ceri had pointed out for inspiration and a few skype calls later we were ready to start looking for a framework that would deliver all required features, current as well as future ones.


What project tools were used to keep the overseas client in the loop and involved?

Zeta applies different customised tools for different parts of the project. As we already had effective project tools in place these were easily applied, and whether clients are based next door or the other side of the world, we could maintain clear and constant channels of communication. These online tools help us internally to run the project smoothly, keep track of communications between us and the client and puts an end to endless amount of emails and attachments.

Planning & Structure – We find that mind maps are useful to help us plan and structure the website before there is nothing there to really visualise. For this project the Mindjet tool was used to work out a sitemap of the new site as this helped Ceri consider how the content could be structured and what sections would be required to get her messages and content across.

Wireframe & Designs – In the next step our designer, in collaboration with front and back end developers, came up with a workable wireframe for the site. A wireframe represents the skeletal framework – a non designed layout of the content elements of the page. The wireframes were also shared with Ceri on our chosen online platform that allows us and the client to leave annotations and feedback and approve designs. After a few tweaks the wireframes were approved and the back end work commenced. Similar approach were later applied for the designs that you now see on the live website.

Content – Most of the content on the site were to be made up of new and existing articles, mainly written by Ceri herself. These articles were shared with us in Dropbox and at a later stage we used a simple, shared spreadsheet to allocate where each article should be published on the site.
Other content for the pages were added to our content sharing tool where our copywriter and Ceri could work out and finalize the content together.

How did Zeta overcome any challenges?

At the outset of the project we feared that it may be difficult to schedule in the project around Ceri’s busy schedule. Ceri is a busy businesswoman, juggling her business travels and responsibilities at the salon in Hong Kong. However, we made sure to plan in stages that required Ceri’s feedback and approval around her more quiet times.

With such an image heavy site it was also important to get the imagery right. To maintain the polished look of the site it was essential to consider very carefully any imagery that was added.  Images were therefore handpicked for each article, using Ceri’s own and sourcing stock photography. Each photo was then edited to achieve the perfect fit and feel.
An Image style guide was produced that would outline the requirements for images and help Ceri select suitable images once the site was live.

The Result

The finalised result is a very eye catching website, bursting with interesting and unique content and beautiful imagery for style and beauty conscious people around the globe. Features and content is easily accessible from mobile and a WordPress CMS allows Ceri to keep adding fresh content to the site. Articles are easy to share and integrated with Facebook comments, showing related posts and, when appropriate, links to contact either Ceri or the salon to book treatments.

For those based in Hong Kong the Salon section offers information related to the services and treatments available at the spa.

The section about Ceri and the brand also contains her own blog, or diary, for more personal articles; often written up during her travels. At Zeta we now feel very excited to see where this new and important business tool will take Ceri and her brand.