We Know What You Did This Year – Search Trends of 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010

bieder2We’re watching you…well Facebook, Twitter and Google are watching you. This week the social media giants have all released their annual search and trending topics review, apparently Justin Beiber was quite popular.

Google zeitgeist has monitored both the fastest falling and the fastest growing trends of the year in a range of topics. Overall the fastest growing global search terms this year include ‘chatroulette’, ‘ipad’ and ‘Justin Bieber’.  In the news the Haiti earthquake and Chilean miners rescue were top amongst the list, along with the Gulf oil spill and strangely, Lady Gaga. Google zeitgeist keeps a track of all sorts of things, such as the fastest rising health queries. It’s interesting to see how many people are Google-ling ‘appendicitis symptoms’ instead of just going to the hospital.

Twitter has also released a comprehensive review of the overall trends of the year within categories, whilst also releasing a top 10. Twitter puts the Gulf Oil spill at the top of the overall trends, closely followed by the World Cup, Vuvuzela’s and, once again, Justin Bieber.

However, it is Facebook’s revelations that are the most interesting, with the World Cup taking the 2nd spot, Haiti hitting 5th and Bieber at 6th, the number one spot went to HMU. Apparently HMU was nothing in 2009, but during 2010 it reached nearly 80,000 mentions a day. Short hand for ‘hit me up’, people all over the world have been asking people to get in contact and hang out, quite often apparently. I didn’t want to admit it but I hadn’t really heard the phrase, Google zeitgeist told me why though. During the beginning of the year the term’s usage grew, by September it was being used constantly throughout the week. At the end of September, or ‘when the schools went back’, the terms usage dropped out from weekdays and was primarily used during the weekend….pesky kids.

By understanding and monitoring search trends a business can keep abreast of what is growing in popularity and what is falling, enabling them to target key phrases when they are at their peak. By creating content targeted to popular trending topics, sites will appear within the search results and pick up a higher volume of traffic.

Also Failbook, the office staple electronic joke book, joined in the fun and announced their ‘failiest’ person of the year; the accolade went to Justin Bieber.  Sorry Beiber, looks like you can’t win them all.

So there you have it, 2010 by the digital network.