Twitter-lytics? Micro blogging giant announces launch of its own analytics platform

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

twitter-analyticsLast week Twitter announced the imminent launch of its own analytics service, the long awaited service is currently being tested by a panel of Tweeters as we speak.

Social media works, we all know it works but without quantifiable results it’s hard to convince some people. The new tool is said to meet the strong corporate demand for better analytic tools and will also allow Twitter to work closely with other developers.

Twitter Analytics will give users the opportunity to track how effective their tweets are, how often they get passed on and by whom, and also which tweets caused people to unfollow. The app has been created by the team behind Trendly, a service which allows the user to track traffic to and from a site and any other important changes in user behaviour.

This isn’t good news for everyone though.  Twitter analytics is nothing new, there are already a range of social media monitoring tools around, some monitoring Twitter only and some expanding to the other social networks.  The metrics of measurement are also very diverse across providers so it will be interesting to see how Twitter analytics will stand up next to the competition.

Many questions are still yet to answered, such as whether it will be a free or a paid for service. With Twitter advertising and promoted tweets reaching an all-time high, it seems Twitter may be more concerned with revenue, but a free trial period my encourage users to choose it in the first place.

Twitter claim the platform will be ready for public use by the end of the year, as it is November now, that means it shouldn’t be long. We for one are very excited; we can finally let the numbers do the talking.

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