When the Weather Man Says It’s Frightful…

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Being British, the weather has a massive impact on nearly everything we do, from conversations with colleagues to our search behaviour on the internet.  It will therefore come as no surprise that the time of year and the weather we are experiencing drives what we search for on the web. Where the summer calls for barbeques and flip flops, the wintery months gain searches for gloves, boots and all things woollen.

We all know the importance of targeting the correct search term, if your business sells apples there is no point opting for deckchairs. Clever businesses are altering their search terms as the year progresses in order to react to the change in needs of their visitors. By opting for seasonal keywords a business can widen the net, display their seasonal products and increase traffic to their site.

The common consensus regarding British weather is that predicting it can be like storing water in a sieve, but we can be sure of some things. History has shown us that the winter will be cold and the summer will be slightly warmer.  Aside from the occasional freakish weather, such as a rainy August bank holiday or T-shirts in January, seasonal weather changes can be expected. Gearing your search term for the coming months can put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Preparing your search term in time is essential, and depending on your budget and chosen key words it could take as long as 3-6 months for search engines to catch on. This means in the height of summer you have to start thinking about mince pies and ear muffs. Not much fun, but it does mean you have a snow shoe on the ladder before the rest.

Obviously pay-per-click campaigns can target the random cold snaps and the unpredictable heat waves and during the short time they are relevant, but addressing organic search results can keep your company in it for the long run.

With snow already forecast in Scotland and temperatures falling below zero elsewhere, searches for winter woollies and blankets are sure to increase, have you done enough to maximise your target keywords?