The Journey to a B2B Nomination: How Did We Manage It!?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Apparently we’re a pretty big deal! Within weeks of our DADI nomination, we have been nominated for a B2B Marketing Award for the Best Limited Budget Campaign, and it sure feels good!

The Mindjet campaign was a project that we at Zeta were incredibly proud of, so to receive recognition from the prestigious B2B Marketing Awards was highly satisfying.  Mindjet wanted to generate leads by increasing the downloads of a free trial of Mindjet’s project software.  The targets would be tech aware, early adopting team managers, still in the office due to poor time management and project planning.

We at Zeta came up with a display ad campaign that was both eye catching and inventive.  A visual approach that would demand the attention of the target audience, even those up to their eyeballs in work!

Using targeted time windows, we created ads that would be released at 15 minute intervals throughout a 17.30-20.00 window from Monday to Friday. Just as our targets were contemplating the hours of work they had left, Mindjet’s offer of salvation would appear, providing them with an effective solution to get them home on time.  A final closing ad at 22.00 was used to really hit home (when they finally got home!), and to encourage them to download the free trial whilst they were free from the distractions of work.

We took the opportunity to showcase our creative muscle, using quirky, retro visuals to keep the ads memorable and welcoming.  Following a 70’s household theme, we provided a lighthearted reminder to our target audience that there was more to life than the office, promoting tradition reasons to head home and enjoy some valuable time with the family (or the pets).

In the end, the ad proved to be a success.  The retro styling and targeted display ad campaign pulled off a big win for the Zeta team and even exceeded the Mindjet’s targets recording these impressive statistics:

  • 33% more leads than the client target.
  • Cost per lead 25% less than the target.


All we can do know is sit tight, cross our fingers, and hope that the judges take note of our efforts at the awards ceremony on 21st of November!  Here’s to the (hopefully) award winning future!