Sun Launch Bizarre App for iPhone and Android – But Is It Too Expensive?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

sun-biz-appShowbiz fans can get even closer to the stars from today (12th October 2010) as The Famous Bizarre column from UK Tabloid The Sun goes digital with the brand new Bizarre Smartphone App.

The app is described as an “Access All Areas” pass to showbiz news and will give fans of showbiz all the latest celebrity news and pictures on the go, as it happens. The App has reportedly already attracted thousands of pre-registrations on The Sun’s website.

The app updates automatically throughout the day with breaking celebrity news content from Gordon Smart’s Bizarre column so followers can be sure they will be the first to get the insider news.  It also features an exclusive “Live Gossip” Twitter style feed from the Bizarre team and celebrity guest tweeters. Launching it off today is guest tweeter X factor winner Joe McElderry.

The app is available to download worldwide from today via the Apple store and Android Marketplace. But is Murdoch, as ever, being too greedy again?  One of my personal criticisms of this app is the price. At £1.19 for a 30-day subscription, I would think twice before purchasing the app!

Whilst the fee is small when you look at the bigger picture – I spend at least £3.00 a week on celebrity gossip magazines, and buying the Sun newspaper every day for a week would cost more than that monthly fee.

But how does the price compare to the price of Smartphone Apps already in the market?

Through some of our own research and discussions here at Zeta we have discovered that most people will pay up to £1.19 as a one-off fee for an app download, with £0.59 and £0.99 being the prices most likely to convert into a sale.

Will the Bizarre App be as successful as it could have been had it been priced lower? Will the app be so great for Showbiz fans, that after subscribing for one month users will return for another 11 months thus making The Sun £14.28 per subscriber? Only time will tell.

The fact that it is a paid for app on monthly subscription might also be a good thing – a gentle teaser or a toe in the water for Sun readers who may soon be exposed to a Times style paywall.

I think the well-established column will have a great many loyal followers who will support the App launch and having just viewed the app in the iPhone App Store displaying a credible 4 stars, I think it will be quite successful!

On second thoughts, maybe I will download it and give it a quick review in a follow-up post! Keep your eyes peeled!
In the meantime, read the reviews on iTunes and download the app here: