GeckoCam – iPhone & Android Apps

Fast and inconspicuous, GeckoCam lets you secretly capture photos on your phone. Whether it's for your tube/bus crush, criminal behaviour, surveillance or if you're a secret agent it can be done with it's super-discreet camera.
GeckoCam – iPhone & Android Apps

The Challenge

The current iPhone and Android cameras aren't ideal for taking secret photos. You can see on the screen that you have got the camera activated and you have to manually push the take picture button.

What we did

Zeta built a very simple iPhone and Android app and designed the logo. You can choose different screens which display when taking photos and you won't have to click to take the photos either.

The Success

The original iPhone app was featured on ITV's "This Morning" and has had over 6,500 downloads.  It has now been launched on the Android platform too.

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