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Adwords PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing was born in 1999, three years before Google launched AdWords and changed internet marketing forever. Zeta has been crafting PPC campaigns since 2002, building up over a decade of experience and knowledge of the AdWords system.

AdWords PPC gives you complete transparency of your ad spend, so you always know how well your budget is performing right down to the second.

It's all about knowing how to capture your market's imagination in a limited space - creating engaging, intriguing copy that draws the right visitors to the ad is critical. That is only the start of the journey though, maintaining the ad promise on the landing page and creating a familiar feeling for visitors is key to turning them into customers. Something Zeta has down to an art.

Zeta has a proven track record of creating and delivering measurable PPC management campaigns. Our authentic and accountable approach always keeps our clients happy by improving conversion rates, reducing cost per click and scaling up high-performance campaigns that deliver fantastic ROI. Zeta will bring you quick results and consistent cost per sale for less than the cost of running an in-house campaign.

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Creative display ads achieve a cost per sign up 46% lower than the client’s objective

Zeta wanted to demonstrate how Mindjet’s mind management tools could help get people home on time by increasing productivity during the day.

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Budget-busting PPC campaign achieves 328.34% revenue increase with no extra spend

Zeta helped a premium UK cookware retailer send sales figures through the roof, with just a few simple tweaks to its existing marketing activity. (It's easy when you know how!)

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