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Our eCommerce Process

Efficiency & Communication
Zeta understand the importance of keeping you, the client, in the loop as your project develops. Zeta makes the most of the best programs & tools to share designs and content with you on a regular basis, allowing you to comment and review our progress throughout your project. You will have a direct line to a project manager and face to face meetings at your convenience.

In House Skills
Zeta has a full eCommerce team all under one roof in Poole & Bournemouth. The team’s skills include frontend, backend, QA, designers, copywriters & digital marketers. All of these skills combined mean you get a well-rounded eCommerce website which looks good, works well and is commercially sound.

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Friendly
Zeta has the experience and expertise to help you choose the best all round mobile, tablet & desktop option. Whether you need a dynamic responsive website that changes to fit device, a specific site just for mobile or an application. Zeta has created solutions for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Commercial Objectives & Search Marketing
An effective & creative eCommerce site is but the tip of your businesses online presence. Zeta has a full team of online marketers who specialise in search engine marketing & social media to ensure that your site is highly visible online. Each website Zeta develops is built with search engine & social strategies.

Creative Skills
Zeta’s creative designers and copywriters work with the marketing & technical departments in Bournemouth from the very start to make sure your website is visually pleasing and easy for your customers to use. Not only should your customers enjoy using your website but they need to convert into sales.

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Cafe Rico - conversion rate increased by 23%

Zeta significantly increased conversion rate and order value with a site tailored to the needs of customers.

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Sales increased by 23% for cookware eCommerce site

Zeta has worked with Salamander Cookshop for over five years and has increased sales by an average of 23% year on year.

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