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Analytics Management & Consultancy

Web analytics systems are challenging to understand and very easy to misinterpret. Expertise and experience are essential to make full use of analytic functionality and really get to grips with visitor behaviour. We want to help give your customers the best experience possible when they visit your website.

Zeta measures revenue generated from each channel: search, social, display, email - so you can work out which campaigns are the most successful, and invest accordingly.

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Analytics Services

  • Session recording

    Provides a unique over-the-shoulder view of how visitors use your website. Careful segmentation is used to understand how to cater for the needs of each customer.

  • Closed loop analysis

    Powerful tool for companies with long lead times and multi-touch user journeys. Zeta will quantify the actual revenue and profit generated from each channel: for example search, social, display and email.

  • Click stream

    You need to know how the customer arrives, which pages they visit, how long they stay and at what point they left. It’s also good to know if they have been here before, and whether they have made a purchase or an enquiry - tried and tested business principles.

  • Voice of the customer

    The key to success is understanding customer’s expectations and identifying what they are looking for. Recording people's search queries and monitoring the outcomes is crucial.

  • Dashboards

    CEOs want to see the bottom line, marketing managers want to measure campaign performance, analysts want detail. Custom analytics dashboards provide real-time reports without information overload.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Zeta’s CRO services increase your revenue online by converting existing website traffic into paying customers. CRO is a cost effective strategy to boost the number of visitors who complete a desired action on your site. Read More >