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Zeta reunites with Ambition for a second innovative app build

Following the success of Zeta and Ambition's last app designed for Blackberry, the global giants once again turned to Ambition to develop an app for a 30 event roadshow.  Ambition chose to return to the Zeta partnership, aiming to develop an app that used the same basic lucky dip platform, but with an added creative twist.

The app would be used for the same function- to encourage users to interact with the phone in a fun and entertaining manner.

Adhering to the Summer Fete theme that the roadshow had chosen to adopt- Zeta and Ambition constructed a game that continued the concept developed by the first app, creating Hook a Duck!

The app sought to emulate the traditional fairground game, providing an interactive method for Blackberry's users to connect with the new device. The game featured an animated stream littered with ducks that would continue to scroll until the user 'hooked' their duck.  To add to the quirk and charm of the app, Zeta and Ambition's designers created a variety of different duck images; such as the cowboy, astronaut and knight duck.

The programming of the app was designed to allow for easy use by the Ambition hosts- it would allow them to track the number of times the game was played, automatically adjusting the counter whenever a prize was won.

The app was once again approved by Blackberry and played a starring role in promotion during the 30 event roadshow.  The apps success led to an extension of the roadshow, with three extra events and locations added to take advantage of the apps popularity.

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