Behind the Scenes of the Rio Pro Video

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

behind_scenesMagicard, a long-time client and trusted manufacturer of ID card printers, approached us and offered us the opportunity to make a new product video for them. Relishing a challenge we jumped at the chance to get our teeth into a new filming project and set about brainstorming the best way to show off their new printer in all its glory.

After many hours and many biscuits, we decided to focus on the security element of the printer. The printer is fitted with HoloKote, which is the ability to print a unique hologram on each card, making the cards it produces more secure than a traditional ID Card.

Once we had decided the content of the video it was then time to find the locations, cue many hours spent driving around looking for the right barbed wire fence and the right reception desk. We were lucky enough to find the perfect reception in 4com, a telecommunications business near Bournemouth Airport. Their recent office refit left them with a modern and stylish décor throughout, topped off with a beautiful white reception desk embedded with bright turquoise lights.

The second location was a fence in Bournemouth, a slightly in-accessible fence. The fearless, or maybe just stupid, crew showed true dedication to the cause by climbing on top of a rather unstable woodshed in order to get the best shots. The next location was none other than the Zeta office, glad to be inside with a kettle close at reach and the promise of pizza, the crew were all smiles again.

After two days of lugging lights around, getting in people’s way and generally making a nuisance of ourselves we started on the task of chopping 2 days’ worth of footage down to 1 minute. Be sure to keep checking back for the finished product! Until then, here are a few photos on the days filming and none other than our favourite designer Aswad in his starring role!