App, App and Away – The Best SEO Apps

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mobile apps were almost non-existent in 2008, yet this year they have earned apps stores nearly $4 billion in revenue, a figure that is expected to double by 2014. Apple has long been leading the apps market, however their previous 76% head start has been brought down to 60% after stiff competition from BlackBerry and Android. Between BlackBerry and Andriod, the former has been enjoying second place to Apple for a while now, yet reports expect the latter to overtake this year.

There is no denying it, apps are big business and you can be sure there is an app for almost anything. They are great for offering quick access to vital information, which in meetings and presentations can prove invaluable. So what apps can make on-the-move SEO easier? Here is a rundown of the top 5 apps our marketers always keep in their pocket.

Website SEO Analyser [IPHONE]

Simple to use and free, this app is a great starting point for those beginning in the industry. Enter the domain name and the app will display the meta data from the page, the domain information and the link profile. This app will also offer simple tips and advice to improve the SEO ranking of the page in a very user friendly typeface.

Cost: Free

Download: iTunes

Developer: Impact Media Ltd



This app is a clean and simple one stop shop for essential SEO tools. It includes all the basic functions you would expect, such as a SERP analyser, Inlinks analyser and an updated Web Directory. Its clean interface means information can be accessed swiftly, perfect for any unexpected questions that can come up during meetings or presentations.

Cost: £0.59

Download: iTunes

Developer: Marco Siino


SEO Search Ranking [IPHONE]

This excellent app allows you to quickly check the ranking for numerous keywords and numerous sites, perfect for giving a quick answer when a client wants to know what their current status is. Some reports have said that sites can take a while to load if you are using an abundance of keywords, but this app is still a vital tool for anyone in the industry.

Cost: £1.79

Download: iTunes

Developer: Leon Huang


Analytix for Google Analytics [ANDROID]

This app is the only Android one featured, and although there are similar ones available on the iPhone, none quite match up. It gives the user a through and real time depiction of Google analytics and let you decipher vital information such as the top landing page and the top problematic pages quickly. The app also includes a host of other information.

Cost: £0.87

Download: Android

Developer: Folkert


SEO Manager [IPHONE]

The most expensive app we have featured but in our eyes it’s almost worth it. This app allows you to manage keywords and pages, reduce IP blocking and individually set the engine and h1 for each project. It also allows for the opportunity to identify and analyse competitors quickly, a big selling point for many. However the more technical the app, the less use our marketers seem to have for it as they argue that sort of analysis would be done in the office and not while they are out and about.

Cost: £5.99

Download: iTunes

Developer: at2