Zeta’s Favourite Christmas Viral Video Ads of 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

It’s certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in the Zeta office. The decorations are up, the chocolates are out and the festive feeling is in full flow, but before we disappear into a snowstorm of food, presents and family fun we thought we would collect our favourite viral Christmas ads of all time!

So here we have it, a festive countdown of the funniest, most loved and most innovative online Christmas ads. Hope you enjoy!

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

The first video on our list is from WestJet and is arguably the most successful viral ad for Christmas 2013. Before boarding their flight passengers had to ask a virtual Santa what they wanted for Christmas. When they arrived at their destination WestJet surprised each passenger by making there wish come true.

The stunt was done in real time and the WestJet staff only had a short amount of time to source and buy each present. With over 30,000,000 views, 172,2221 likes and growing its has been a big hit this Christmas.


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 – The Bear & The Hare

It is no surprise that this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert ‘The Bear and the Hare’ was one of the most talked about Christmas ad. It had 212,000 mentions on Twitter, 11,253,480 views on YouTube & 76,445 likes. Not only that but Lily Allen has also launched a new single that was featured on the video.


Apple – Holiday – TV Ad – Misunderstood

Apple use a nice twist in this video to leave you struggling to hold back the tears, as a reclusive teenage boy with an obsession for his iPhone gives his family something special and surprising..


Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2013

Sainsbury’s has collaborated with Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald to create a campaign showing footage of real Christmas celebrations across the UK, in the style of the director’s much-lauded 2011 YouTube film ‘Life in a Day’.



Instagram have offered their users a custom festive app to capture every moment of Christmas magic over the coming holidays. With fun festive filters and holiday frames featuring mistletoe, Santa and snow covered surroundings, Instagram have given their users to perfect toll to celebrate Christmas.


The Digital Story Of The Nativity

This charming take on the Nativity story connects to the digital generation through clever use of social media and popular mobile and web devices.  Featuring a smorgasboard of digital giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, Foursquare and Amazon; the Digital Story of the Nativity has racked up well over 12 million views.

Chicago’s Magical Piano

Amtrak wanted to take some of the stress out of travellers festive commutes during the holidays, so they decided to introduce a little Christmassy magic. A trick piano that responds as people walk past treated commuters to a twinkling solo.  Just watch the smiles and the laughter. Job well done Amtrak.


A Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013 — Sorry, I Spent It On Myself

Harvey Nichols chose to break away from the warm and festive flurry of Christmas ads we have seen year after year, and produced this tongue-in-cheek ad that celebrates selfishness.