Why Optimise for Google’s “Images from the Page” Option?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Because this new option from Google is going to become more popular as search options grow in popularity, and if you don’t your rankings could drop significantly!

I wrote about Google’s search options after the launch back in May. Since then Google has included the “Images from the page” option. Image search has become one of the fastest growing verticals in search so my guess is that this will become extremely popular over the next 12 months.

This does not work like searching through Google images, the results are different; thumbnails are included alongside the normal text results and this causes the listings to change in priority. The results are still based on relevance but the image option appears to add another filter over the top, adjusting the results to combine page relevance and image optimisation.

John Lewis gets relegated to page two

I have experimented with a few different search terms to see if the option influences the rankings. One term was [flat screen tv] which had 74,000 exact searches in October. A very well known brand (John Lewis) ranks position two for a standard search, but when I select “Images from the page” the listing is relegated to page two. This is a seriously big drop especially for such a powerful brand and on a term that is ideal for the “Images from the page” option.

Maximum exposure through search

This is a good example of why image optimisation has become so important for generating the maximum exposure through search. Without a well planned strategy your website could end up like John Lewis, deep in the relegation zone of page two.

John Lewis image search