Movember Update – Week Two – Day Thirteen

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13 days. 13 days was all it took from our mild mannered Marketing Director Sam Allen to morph into a crazed Columbian look-a-like.  The Tony Montana stand-in has been showering himself in praise whilst mocking the rest of the teams attempts in the office today, as the rest of the gang find themselves with some serious catching up to do.

What’s his secret?

Growth lotion? Hair steroids? A glue stick and some redistributed bodyhair? Who knows, but here is a picture of Freddie Mercury Mark II.

Sam Allen

Roger? Well Roger still looks exactly the same and can seemingly grow a moustache at will. Bloody show-off.

Roger Allen

“WHY IS IT GINGER”. 13 days growth and all I can muster is a gingery mass across the upper lip.  Some have called me a young Ron Burgundy but only time will tell.  Let’s see if another 17 days can help me to grow a masterful mo’.

Joe Boon

We came into the office this morning to find a mysterious owl creature hunched over next to the development crew.  We’re not really sure why Andy’s moustache makes him look like an owl but we’ve decided we like.  Andy the Owl, we salute you.

Andy Joyce

Chris is the beard baby of the gang, slacking at the back in terms of growth with little thickness to speak of. But bless him at least he’s trying. And he has a gun which has to count for something, right?

Chris Rogers

Tune in next week for our second update of the series.