It’s Moustache Mayhem in the Zeta Office as Movember is upon us!

Friday, 01 November 2013

It’s that time of year again.  Where the streets of Britain are filled with men bearing a wiggly worm of hair on their upper lip. From fanciful Fu Manchu’s to full blow handlebars, Movember sees men of the world unite to raise money to combat testicular cancer, and this year the Zeta team have decided to join the fight.

Step forward our brave Zeta mo-bros!


Roger Allen

Leading the way is our fearless leader, Managing Director Roger Allen.  A keen supporter of the Mo for many years, Roger will be displaying his prodigious ‘tache growing skills for the world to see and showing the young whippersnappers making up the rest of the mo-Zeta team how it’s done.

This year, Roger will be aiming for a full Lord Kitchener, displaying bulky growth in a military fashion.  Very befitting for the general of the Zeta team. Keep track of the General’s progress here.

Sam Allen

Next into the breach is Marketing Director Sam Allen.  Moving away from the Columbian drug lord look he rocks during the week, Sam is aiming to grow a neat and stylish pencil. Will Sam achieve an air of sophistication or end up looking like Bruce Forsyth in his heyday? Only time will tell. Watch Sam’s progress with his sophisticated slug on his profile.

Joe Boon

Our fresh faced Marketing Executive, Joe Boon, has chosen to re-live the golden age of the British empire.  A dashing mix of finely shaped mutton chop side burns and stylishly waxed small handlebar is the order of the day.  The likelihood of achieving this? Minimal.  But he’ll at least try.  Check out Joe’s journey to a full fledged British pin-up here.

Chris Rogers

Front End Developer Chris Rogers has had enough experience in the hair department in recent times.  An encounter with an over excited hairdresser left our boy wonder looking like the next Peggy Mitchell’s forgotten child rather than the friendly floppy haired chap we know and love.  What will Movember bring for Chris’ much maligned body hair? We’re expecting a Charles Bronson look alike but who knows, check up on his progress.

Andy Joyce

Our in house Panda bear Andy Joyce will be cultivating a ‘tache as rare as his cuddly cousins in China.  There have been half-heard whispers of a Jack Sparrow-esque creation, while some swear they have heard tales of a Dali inspired spectacular.

The myth grows and the rumors continue to build but who knows what the moustache maestro will unveil at the conclusion of the month.  My money is on a two-tone Cruella ‘tache, but hey I’m just the scribe. Want to see how Andy emerges from the mists of Movember? Follow Andy’s progress here.

Check out our Movember team page to keep up to date with our progress!