Maxatec – CMS Website

Maxa Technologies is a dynamic business working in a competitive and fast moving environment. The company needed a modern responsive web site that would do more than bring in good quality enquiries. It had to present the company in a modern way that identified the power and quality of the business.
Maxatec – CMS Website

The Challenge

The existing Maxa Technologies website had many problems, one issue was that they couldn't update it in house due to a lack of Content Management System. Additionally the website wasn't mobile friendly which created a poor user experience, and meant it struggled to convert visitors.

What we did

Zeta approached the challenge by developing a real understanding of their business world. We visited Maxatec, they visited Zeta. Through dialogue with key staff, studying the competition and listening to the marketing team we gained the knowledge and insight to build them a superb responsive web site, the rest is history.

The Success

The website has seen an increase of 44.68% to organic traffic, 505% increase to the number of emails sent to them and 70% increase to the number of enquiry forms completed on the web site. We constantly monitor and manage the campaigns to keep them moving forward and adapting to current trends.

Find out how we can work together

Andrea Percival

The Zeta experience has been entirely positive since we put the Maxatec website into their very capable hands in 2007. The Zeta team is totally customer focused, not only delivering solutions and results, but constantly demonstrating their ability to adapt to changing business requirements. We view Zeta as an extension of our business, and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Director of Maxa Technologies