Magicard Ahora en Español!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Magicard Impresoras de tarjetas de identificaciónThe Spanish version of is now live and I can finally see all the hard work in the flesh.

I’ve translated the whole site into Spanish, making sure each page is optimised for search engines, which is an essential first step for the site to achieve good rankings.  This has been a really exciting project to work on and the Magicard team has been very helpful.

I’ve made many recommendations to the Magicard and Zeta teams on how the different Spanish markets will search for and interact with the site. Although it’s great to see the Spanish version finished, my role in the project has only just started. I’ll now be managing a 12 month marketing campaign focused primarily on search positioning.

The site is built on a TYPO3 system, which offers loads of enterprise-level features normally associated with high end commercial CMS systems. The system has a publishing process which allows me to retain editorial control over the content uploaded by the Magicard staff. They have lots of editors, and there’s always the danger that content will be uploaded without an extra pair of eyes looking over it. Once an editor has made a contribution, I optimise the content for search engines and make sure the brand message is consistent before it goes live.

Keep an eye out for Arabic, Mandarin and Portugese versions being added over the next 12 months.

Gracias por su ayuda Grupo Magicard